Spa Supplies Needed

Spa Day at YoungLives Camp
July 11-12, 2012
located at Washington Family Ranch in sunny central Oregon
Not everyone can volunteer as a leader or caregiver during a week at camp, but anyone can donate some fun Spa Day items! Shop from the list below or donate $$ to help us give our teen moms an extra-special time of feeling loved at camp this summer!

You can drop off your donations or arrange pick up by contacting Sue Jones at 206.715.7937. This would be a fun outreach project for a community group or Bible Study. We need the supplies before we leave for camp on July 7, 2012!

100 thin white wash cloths
50 bags of cotton balls
10 bottles of toner
50 travel-size facial scrubs
50 travel size facial moisturizing lotion
200 plastic travel size lotion containers (empty and clean)
200 safety pins
150 brown paper gift bags with handles (4¾”  x 8” x 10½”)
80 black fine point Sharpies
150 travel hand sanitizers
30 wide mouth medium size mason jars
35 bottles of clear nail polish
100 bottles of assorted nail polish
25 plastic foot tubs to soak feet in for pedicure
20 bottles of nicely-scented lotion
40 bottles of cuticle remover
30 bottles of rubbing alcohol
30 bottles of nail polish remover
200 toe separators
10 nail clippers
10 foot scrubs
10 hand scrubs
40 soaps or bath salts
150 Berber white onesies (size range: 3 – 36 months)
Fabric paints (3 each blue, red, green)
10 glue guns
100 glue sticks
150 clothes pins
50 IKEA stacking high chairs
Kids toys 6-12 months (no plush toys)
50 strollers
30 pack and play fitted sheets
Rocking chairs

Camper fees (moms and babies)
Leader fees (leaders have to pay, too!)
Bus fee (help them get there!)
Nannies (volunteer caregivers have to pay, too!)
Snacks, formula, etc
Swim Diapers

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